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GSX-86 Library For Microsoft & OpenWatcom C
Access GSX-86 Routines Easily from C!

Digital Research's Graphics System Extension (GSX) provides a unified graphics API across a range of hardware.  Digital Equipment Corporation, with their DEC Rainbow 100 GSX-86 distribution, provided a C library to access GSX  without the hassle of assembly programming.  However, the library was available only for Mark Williams C under CP/M-86/80.  A later port by some independent DEC employees provided the same library for the now-obscure Computer Innovations C compiler under MS-DOS along with source.  
Now that MS-DOS library is available for Microsoft and OpenWatcom C compilers after some minor changes to the assembly language interface and the C wrapper routines.  The source code has been cleaned up, and it is now tested and available for use with the Microsoft C 5.1 compiler
under MS-DOS and the current OpenWatcom C/C++ compiler with a 16-bit DOS target.  

The library provides high-level interfaces for GSX-86 routines, including drawing primitives, console input/output, graphic font handling, and graphic inquiry functions.  The library includes the original documentation provided by DEC with their GSX-86 distribution.  

Complete source code, an intermediate compiled assembly object file, and a self-contained medium memory model library are included in the distribution.  Sample source code is also available from the download page.  Give the new library a try!

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Copyright 2006-2007 Jeffrey Armstrong <>