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New GSX-86 Library Distribution Available - March 18, 2007

GSX-86 C library distribution has been updated to provide both OpenWatcom and Microsoft C versions in a single archive.  Futhermore, the distribution now contains versions compiled for small, medium, and large memory models for both compilers.  More information is available on the GSX-86 page.

GSX-86 Library ported to the OpenWatcom C Compiler - January 20, 2007

GSX-86 C, originally ported to Microsoft C, has been updated to compile under the OpenWatcom compiler.  OpenWatcom is a well-supported compiler suite that still allows targeting 16-bit DOS systems.  The assmebly routines of the GSX-86 library were modified slightly to allow compilation under this modern system.  More information is available on the GSX-86 page.

GSX-86 (Graphics System eXtension) Library for Microsoft C Released! - September 17, 2006

A port of the GSX-86 C Library from Digital Equipment Corporation has been completed and is available from the Downloads page.  The library, supplied with the DEC Rainbow 100 GSX-86 distribution, now allows for high-level access to all GSX functions from the C language.  More information is available on the GSX-86 page.

uIP TCP/IP Stack for FOSSIL Systems Released! - January 12, 2006

The Downloads page now contains the executable and source code for a web server that will run over a serial line on a FOSSIL-enabled system (usually an MS-DOS system).  More details are available on the uIP page. This release corresponds to the version on display at the Vintage Computer Festival Midwest 1.0 that took place this past summer.  Try it out if you're interested in running a web server on hopelessly outdated hardware!

Exhale/Win32 1.6 Released! - January 4, 2006

The new version of Exhale now supports container freesites.  Container freesites allow for the entire site to be stored in a single zip file.  This method improves speed of retrieval of components of a freesite, although some rules apply to freesites.  Check out the new version or go directly to the download page.

New Website Design! - January 4, 2006

The website has been redesigned using CSS instead of the old and ugly tables.  Most of the information should still be available.  Feel free to look around

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